Monday, April 11, 2011

How Adaptive Private Networking Makes IP/VPN Affordable

WAN optimization certainly does free up bandwidth and accelerate applications, but if you’re not also using Adaptive Private Networking, you’re not only second rating your company’s data access, you are paying significantly more for mediocre performance. When it comes to IP VPN, keep in mind that WAN virtualization is only one part of the equation. Without Adaptive Private Networking in conjunction with WAN optimization, your IP VPN simply isn’t delivering at full capacity.

Most people confuse WAN optimization and Adaptive Private Networking as opposing camps. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While both use radically different processes, both are integral components of a completely advantaged IP VPN.

When Adaptive Private Networking is used in conjunction with WAN optimization, you get the best leveraged opportunities to increase bandwidth while paying lower costs. WAN optimization itself will give customers 2 to 4 times the bandwidth as other systems. Add Adaptive Private Networking to the system, and suddenly you’ve got a 30 to 100 times the bandwidth per dollar for all applications for your data.

Two things that WAN optimization does best are disk-based compression and fixing the limitations of Microsoft’s CIFS protocol for file transfers, but those aren’t addressed by Adaptive Private Networking. On the other hand, Adaptive Private Networking allows users to build interfaces with exceptionally boosted bandwidth at a much lower monthly cost, so you essentially get a highly optimized performance while slashing costs. In fact, WAN optimization used in conjunction with Adaptive Private Networking is what has made IP VPN more affordable for businesses across the board. No longer does IP VPN have to be the right of just the Rolls Royce of companies.

Thanks to Adaptive Private Networking in conjunction with WAN optimization, every business can now afford the technological advantage of IP VPN.


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