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Saturday, January 15, 2011

cockring are made of one of the few sex toys

Penis rings or cockring are made of one of the few sex toy designed for men. The rings are popular version of a medical device called a constriction ring, and although none of the penis rings are sex shops in clinical trials or medical promise, a functional part of the fun and games sex is for men. By enhancing blood flow to the penis, the rings, the way you feel an erection, how long they, and how they feel orgasm and ejaculation. These days many people buy the rings, just because it looks like you and feel.
Length: Never use a penis ring for more than 30 minutes
Here's how:

Start simple.

Flexible adjustment ring is recommended for beginners. They are easier to apply and remove, and if you do not know how closely you might want to start more flexible. If you're in a store, ask the ring of the package to see and I'm sorry, but a little bit to get an idea of ​​how much they received. Some rings are very complicated, with many straps and buckles. Start simple and make sure you know how the ring is used before the return trip.

Velcro or buttons and buckles and sliders.
Various cockrings use different methods to adjust the size. The advantage of pressure or buttons, it should not drag forever. But the downside is that it is easy (and painful) captured the pubic hair in the tip. Velcro or beads to slide the blade may have to use but easier and less crying and pain during sex cause bad.

Personal lubricant.
You can put some personal lubricant on the board or on the penis before the ring, which can reduce the pinch of the skin or hair problems painful. If you talk like a penis ring that will be easily applied to the shaft of the penis can slip and lubricant to the penis to make it easier.

Check the product.
Before the ring for the penis for the first time out of the box, wash them well and check it carefully. Look at the tears, the son loose or sharp edges. If there is a mistake to use back in the ring around the penis before.

Time to explore.
Although you want to get into the ring of penis with a partner to use a good idea to try on your own for the first time. They feel less confident and / or can you really know what he feels to focus without distraction (for better or for worse) by your partner. Can also be difficult the first time you use a penis ring and remove it, and practice, you can feel comfortable when you run it with a partner. Make a little time and enough privacy before the point.

Start your own.
If you use an adjustable ring, open in all directions, and slips over the penis behind the scrotum, and drag. Once you masturbate in the ring and tries to ring. This will help you get used to the feeling and know how it feels with the movement and friction ring. Masturbating all the way to orgasm and ejaculation. If you experience pain or discomfort to the ring. If you feel good to get an idea of ​​what to feel the ring when used with a partner have.

The use of cockrings of the penis.
Some solid rings were formed to attract, before the erection. The largest ring slippage of the base of the penis and testicles and scrotum can be gently into the ring to go around the base of the penis and scrotum are pulled back. As his erection grows narrower ring of skin and blood circulation. If you have an erection and they may not like the ring of the opinion that it can be difficult to remove the ring until he lost his erection. Therefore, these rings are only for people they know, like the feeling of cock rings is recommended. Draw penis rings.
Penis rings can be fun and something to hold you, hold or play during sex. May feel pulling or pull a good cock ring for the user and can be a power play of the person who will be extracted. It is sure to draw the rings on the shaft of the penis and even pull down on the scrotum, while we take care not to squeeze or pinch too much at any time. The key is to build a full understanding of any piece you want, and then start slowly and get feedback from your network operator.

Condoms and penis rings
Check with condom use, while wearing a penis ring to ensure that the ring does not affect any part of the condom so that it can break the condom. The only concern with penis rings and condoms, is that due to the friction of the ring of the condom can break and increase the chances to leave or complete tear. If you have made your penis ring made of a hard material, or closures or snaps, you must be very careful.

Using a penis ring with a partner.
Most men want to wear the ring during sex play with a partner. Once you feel on your own, you can use the ring for sex without a lot of it, or let your partner put the ring on this game as part of sex. Men have so little penis ring sex shops and gives them the ability to adjust their sex life in a way that is fun and beautiful as possible.


Security ring penis.
If you use a penis ring and you feel pain or discomfort immediately remove the ring. You should ring penis for a while. Most of the literature shows that 30 minutes to leave a ring in a single session. You can use any penis rings improvised or homemade (elastic, nylon strings, etc. ...), difficult and may reduce the skin. Penis rings are not very expensive (the most important start at around $ 10) and is well worth the money to avoid the need for scissors or a trip to the emergency room.

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