Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Becoming A Professor – In Your Underwear

Heck, get naked if you prefer. These days, business degrees can go to people who let their own business hang out all day. Or to those chilling on the beach on a sunny day, or at the coffee shop, or at their kids’ soccer practice, or in church, or even in outer space. Why? Simple – because there’s internet out there. The “Great Big College Search” has been simplified and streamlined for a new generation of students eager to get rid of boring, droning teachers and overbearing parents.

You’ve heard of being your own boss? How about being your own professor. Online education courses may not be for everybody, but for some (maybe even you), they are perfect. How many times has a college student sat in his or her dorm wondering where that smell is coming from, how old it is, and wondering whether or not it’s some biological poison? Well guess what – online courses make it easier to figure out where the smell is coming from, because most likely, it’s you. And that’s a good thing!

Look, online courses get a bad rap. It’s true. However, do you think they build $500 million football stadiums that house the Super Bowl and name them after an unsuccessful online university? People who feel like they missed the boat on college a long time ago and are busy with their own lives and their children’s lives are going back to school on their own time and becoming their own professor. Teenagers who don’t want to spend $50,000 a year being told who can come into their own room, who can come visit them, where and when they can come and go and be berated for not knowing about some crazy professor’s favorite communist can get real-world job experience while getting a real education.

So go ahead. Get naked. Actually, put on a robe or something. Or at least close the window. I shouldn’t have to look at that, and you shouldn’t be distracted – class is in session. And wearing deodorant or not, the professor is ready for class.


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